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My Simple Ideas About Nutrition

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My Simple Ideas About Nutrition is a 268 page printed book and eBook with 100s of Bite-Sized, Life-Changing Ideas for Maximum Wellness & Vitality.
It is written by Registered Holistic Nutritionist Shael Stonebridge.
Most of the chapters are only 2-pages long making this book very accessible to busy people — giving you 1 simple idea at a time.
The printed book is wire-bound so it will lay flat on the table or counter and makes using the many recipes easy.
It is profusely illustrated with color pictures on virtually every page.
Because it is wire-bound pages can be folded back for effortless 1-hand holding.
Think of this book as an in-depth consultation with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist!

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What YOU Will Learn:

There are so many damaged and destroyed foods out there in the marketplace which contain little or no nutrition — foods that have had all their complex God-given, nature-delivered, nutrient richness compromised by refining and processing.

YOU will learn about each of these with their solutions and alternatives and much more:

  • Learn to distinguish NON-Foods from REAL foods — fake or counterfeit foods from truly Whole SOURCE FOODS.
  • Why eating Certified Organic foods is much healthier.
  • Why regular table salt is toxic and linked to Alzheimer’s disease and should be replaced with Sea Salt.
  • Why Aspartame is a poison to be avoided.
  • Why MSG is a poison to be avoided.
  • The value of Sunlight and the Vitamin D it produces.
  • The importance of clean water and hydration.
  • How to get the best fiber nature offers for optimal colon health.
  • How to look for and avoid the neurotoxin Aluminum in many surprising products including toothpaste.
  • Why GMO foods should be avoided and how to do it.
  • The importance of maintaining the “friendly” bacteria in your digestive system — what you can do.
  • Why most oils sold in the conventional grocery stores are actually rancid and how to identify the healthy, nourishing oils that are essential to your body’s brain tissue, cell membranes, and immune system health.
  • Why pasteurized and homogenized milk is a destroyed food and the alternatives.
  • Make raw Organic Fresh-Flaked Oatmeal Cereal for 100% nutrition.
  • How to eliminate Heartburn simply and easily.
  • How to minimize the effects of the radioactive fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster which is now in the food supply.
  • A simple
  • Flush/Cleanse for your Liver and Gallbladder that can restore the vital normal flow of bile — this is beneficial even if you have had your gallbladder removed.


Here’s what one purchaser of this great book had to say:

My Simple Ideas about Nutrition
by Shael Stonebridge, R.H.N.

“I loved this book the minute I picked it up.  It’s clear, concise and brilliantly simple.  I’ve spent many years studying and practicing healthful living and people have asked how I stay so young.  I used to share complex information and detailed, long winded strategies.  Now I just give them Shael’s book.  It’s full of pictures detailing products to stay away from and why….then offering healthy alternatives that actually taste better.  The recipes are great”

Jorg Thielk
Cloverdale, B.C.

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Printed Book

The price of the printed wire-bound, all color book is $30.00 + shipping and handling.
Email me about your interest in purchasing and I will advise you of the shipping before payment through PayPal. 
I can send you an easy to pay invoice from PayPal if I have your email address.

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The regular price for the eBook is $19.99, but for a limited time it is available for the introductory price of $14.99.
Once payment is made you will be sent a link (valid for 2 days) from which to download your eBook.
This eBook is in .pdf format to retain the rich formatting and all the color pictures in their intended layout — it can be read on any computer with the free Adobe Reader and on the more recent Kindle Readers.
You may print 1 copy of this eBook for your own use.
ther distribution or printing is prohibited without additional payment.)
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